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Create Quad

Quad is a mini turnament that has only 4 players. You can create a quad table:

  • 1. Must coordinate with other players before you create this quad.
  • 2. All players must commit to play the rounds (3 rounds) in 24 jam.
  • 3. Select players in this page and click CREATE QUAD button.
  • 4. It will be created pairings and scoring table, please play with your opponent with assigned color you have.
  • 5. Player A vs B, C vs D, A vs C, B vs D, A vs D, and B vs C. Colors will be assigned and randomly picked.
  • 6. Players must play against the opponent with assigned colors.
  • 7. Select time control, minimum time control is 5 minutes, G5+0 or G3+2.
  • 8. After finished, system will automatically pull the score from the game and apply to your standings.
  • 9. Once all players completed, we will put the awards.
  • 10. We will rated the quad!

Your Quads