Tournament: Triangle Chess Online 1

US Chess Report:

Final Standings

RankAwardPlayer NameRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Score
1 1st PlaceBANYU WENING (792)W18W4W15W11W215
2 2nd PlaceOSCAR CHAFIN (424)W17W3W10D12W234.5
3 3rd PlaceARNAV MOHAN (482)W10L2W17W13W144
4 3rd PlaceARYAN SHARMA (870)W21L1W18W24W114
5 3rd PlaceGAGANDEEP SOMASEKAR (100)W19L12W23W14W174
7 NOPRIYADI TAN (1807)D6L8W9W16W203.5
9 ELI EICHNER (1494)W16W22L7W8L63
11 BHAVYA DHIRAN (678)W24W17W21L1L43
12 BROCK EASON (150)L13W5L14D2W192.5
13 KADE EASON (196)W12D14W19L3L102.5
14 AIKYAN PATURI (147)W23D13W12L5L32.5
16 RIZKY NUGRAHA (1619)L9L6W22L7W82
17 ARJUN ARAVIND (100)L2L11L3W23L51
18 SUE GRAVES (784)L1L10L4D21D151
19 AYDIN BOONE (100)L5W23L13L10L121
20 RJ RAYNOE (1400)W15UUL6L71
21 PAXTON ULLERICH (831)L4L15L11D18L10.5
22 LIOR ZENDEL (1219)HL9L16L15U0.5
23 NAURA HASIBUAN (100)L14L19L5L17L20

W:Won, L:Lost, D:Draw, E/K/U: WhitE/BlacK/Unplayed, F/X/Z: Forfeit

When: Friday, 15 March 2024 06:00 PM EST

Triangle Chess Online 1 is live tournament. Live tournament is where players meet online in Zoom (virtual room), a tournament director will do pairings, and players play their games. Zoom/virtual room link will be provided, joining the virtual room is not required as long as you play your games. Lichess account is required to play the games. If you do not have Lichess account, please register at, it's free. This is not a lichess room swiss/arena tournament. You have to check pairings here and click "click here to start" to go to your boards. If you need help, please contact online help desk using WhatsApp +1 (828) 413-0303 anytime before, during or after the tournaments.

Time Control: G10+2


(virtual room will be open 30 minutes before 1st round starts, please join early if this your first time)

Rounds Schedule:

Time to Next Round:
RoundScheduleYour Status
Round 13/15/2024 6:00:00 PM ESTNOT REGISTERED
Round 23/15/2024 6:30:00 PM ESTNOT REGISTERED
Round 33/15/2024 7:00:00 PM ESTNOT REGISTERED
Round 43/15/2024 7:30:00 PM ESTNOT REGISTERED
Round 53/15/2024 8:00:00 PM ESTNOT REGISTERED

5 rounds. G10+2 (Game 10 minutes + 2 seconds increment). Pairing is 1-2 pairings (you will play opponents who have ratings close to your rating). Pairings will be posted here, and you will just need to click the pairings to play your board. This is a USCF Online Rated tournament. This is not scholastic only tournament, adult will join this tournament as well.

If are registered and need to withdraw/skip rounds, please click links above. Skipping a round will get half points bye.

Round 5

How to play: Find your name in this pairings table. Click "Click Here To Start" to go to your table in Lichess. If you see "Board Not Ready", please wait, refresh this page to see updates. If this following pairings are too long, and you want to see your board only, click my board.

Pairings will be here:

Pairings will be posted here at the scheduled time. What you need is finding your name from the pairings and click the link (start your game). This is like over the board tournament, pairings posted, you find the pairings, "go" to your tables. We will collect the results.

FinishedNOPRIYADI TAN (1807,2.5)RJ RAYNOE (1400,1.0)1-0
FinishedAVANNI RICHARDSON (1705,2.5)ELI EICHNER (1494,3.0)1-0
FinishedRIZKY NUGRAHA (1619,1.0)RAFA FIRJATULLAH (1704,3.0)1-0
FinishedSUE GRAVES (784,0.5)DIMITRIOS PAPADIMITRIOU (1000,2.0)1/2
FinishedBHAVYA DHIRAN (678,3.0)ARYAN SHARMA (870,3.0)0-1
FinishedBANYU WENING (792,4.0)PAXTON ULLERICH (831,0.5)1-0
FinishedKADE EASON (196,2.5)YASHVANTH ANANTH (500,2.0)0-1
FinishedAIKYAN PATURI (147,2.5)ARNAV MOHAN (482,3.0)0-1
FinishedOSCAR CHAFIN (424,3.5)NAURA HASIBUAN (100,0.0)1-0
FinishedAYDIN BOONE (100,1.0)BROCK EASON (150,1.5)0-1
FinishedARJUN ARAVIND (100,1.0)GAGANDEEP SOMASEKAR (100,3.0)0-1

BYE Players (when we have odd number of players), these following players do not have opponent to play.
FRANSISKA METERAY (619) ~ BYE with score : 0
TONY SANDERS (1603) ~ BYE with score : 0
LIOR ZENDEL (1219) ~ BYE with score : 0

pairing text


On every win you will get 10 prize points. If you draw, you will get 5 prize points. Full point bye (not paired because odd number of players) is a 10 prize points. Skipping a round is half point bye = 5 prize points. In addition, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place/score will receive online digital certificate.

Prize PointsPrize
100Free In Person Tournament*
250Chess Clock
* $20 entry fee tournament. All prizes are redeemable locally in our chess centers.

Pick Up Your Prize at Any of these Chess Centers:
CenterAddressPick Up Hours
Triangle Chess Center 5920 S. Miami Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560 Wednesdays 5:30p to 7:00p, Saturday 9a to 5p, Sunday 1p to 5p
Triangle Chess Center 1717 Legion Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Sunday 1p to 5p

We keep your prize points, and you can add more prize points by playing in our online tournaments.