Registration: Triangle Chess Online 11

When: Wednesday, 22 May 2024 11:38 PM EST
Where: Lichess, play from wherever you are
Question: 247 Online helpdesk +1 (828) 413-0303 (WhatsApp Only)

 Please let us know your address Zip Code

I do not have US Chess ID/USCF.

YOB: please provide Year of Birth. Only K-12 player will get it for free.

If you do not have US Chess ID, leave US Chess ID/Name box empty and check the checkbox, but provide Year of Birth. We will create one for you because this is US Chess online rated tournament and everyone must have current US Chess ID. Free USCF ID if you are a scholastic player. Adult player must create their own ID, click here to create a new one.
[your Lichess username]

Lichess account is required. If you do not have lichess account, click here to create a new lichess account To authenticate your lichess account that you will use in the tournament, click LICHESS ACCOUNT AUTHENTICATION button and authorize it and you will be redirected back to this page.